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Computer not working? Internet Freezing?

Here are tips from New York City computer repair expert:

Steve Levy

PinPoint Computer Services

Steve Levy, New York City computer repair expert and owner of PinPointComputer Services, offers great advice on what to do when your computer isn't working.

Levy's tips are based on extensive experience. For example, he oversaw all technology installation for 24 new offices of Merrill Lynch. And he was IBM's point person for all computer-related problems at the New York Transit Authority.

Levy now brings that experience and expertise to NY metro homes and businesses. And since he can fix computers remotely—using layers of security to protect customer privacy—he also can fix personal or business computers in New York, California, or anywhere in between.

What to do and what not to do:

The valuable tips Levy offers can help you deal with problems now, and possibly prevent computer difficulties in the future:

The most likely problem: "Most clients call and say, 'The Internet isn't working' or 'My computer won't boot,'" Levy reports. "A power failure might have wiped out the phone or cable line. The modem, or some other equipment, may not be working properly.

"Often," he continues, "there's an event. The customer may have installed a new piece of software, which is corrupt, or incompatible with other programs. It also could be a virus. Or suddenly the browser—Internet Explorer or Firefox—could have become corrupted."

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Extra Tips: Keep Your Kids Safe Online

The Internet can be a great resource for kids. It can help them learn, have fun, and access the entire world.

But that access also poses hazards, as every parent knows. Steve Levy, of PinPoint Computer Services, warns that while software to filter your kids' activities may seem like a good idea, it often isn't:

"Parental control software may block out more than porn," he says. "Many of these programs slow computers down and can cause other problems." The safety program Levy recommends: "Keep an eye on your kids." offers parents many helpful tips about online safety.

And here's very useful, concrete "what-to-do" advice about cyberbullying.